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Priority Number One

There is a major problem in the former United States of America. I was around during the Vietnam war and, as polarized as the citizenry was in the '60s and early '70s, I know that it wasn't nearly as polarized as it is in 2005. On September 12, 2001, it appeared that our nation would unite behind our president and one common cause. However, I think that this terrible "civil war" that has overcome this nation began precisely on September 12, 2001.

Every side of the philosophical and idealogical spectrum has its theory about why there is so much animosity in the country and about who's wrong and who's right. However, I'm convinced that people are not going back far enough or looking closely enough to really see where the problems begin.

In this horrifically polarized nation of ours, there is indeed one thing that “liberals” and “conservatives”, I hate those labels, would benefit from equally and that’s the banishment of the Electoral College.

I’ve tried to convince many of the groups I belong to, all of which are progressive, that banning the E. C. should be the #1 priority of any political activist group.

I recently sent a letter to my local newspaper, The Contra Costa Times, attempting to appeal to conservatives.

I tried to make the point in my letter that The Regime in Washington does not represent anyone, conservative, moderate or liberal. It is a fascist regime whose interests include world hegemony, resource control and greed.

I tried to make the point that good, patriotic conservatives, who used to be called Republicans, support a small central government and non interventionism on the foreign front.

I tried to make the point that a good, patriotic, conservative government would have nothing to do with legislation even remotely resembling The Patriot Act. It certainly would not try to “legislate morality”. The Regime in Washington goes much further than that. It's in the business of mind control.

I was hoping that I could make the point that the real difference between good, patriotic conservatives and good, patriotic liberals can be found in domestic issues. Conservatives basically believe that, if given the chance, the private sector will take care of the citizens of this country. They believe that the central government screws things up too much.

Progressives, on the other hand, believe that, even though the wrong central government could, indeed, screw things up, it’s still better to let the government direct the care and feeding of the citizens because the private sector is far too interested in self promotion, profits and, quite frankly, using the population for those purposes.

Both “liberals” and “conservatives” don’t believe in watching out for the citizens of other nations in lieu of caring for our own citizens.

I was soundly bashed by some of my fellow citizens, all conservatives of course.

However, I was hoping, and I still harbor hope that banning the E. C. is something that both camps can agree on. I have this thought of organizing a million voter march, to keep in line with the million (…fill in the blanks…) marches.

Although it doesn’t appear that my appeal was successful locally, I still think that it’s worth pursuing.

Right now, Libertarians come much closer to the definition of good, patriotic conservatives than Republicans.

Greens and Socialists have more Progressive visions than Democrats.

In fact, I think that there’s really, with the exception of a very small group of Democrats and/or Republicans, only one party in the former US and that’s The Corporacracy.

Nationally, both elected branches of government are made up of wealthy people who spend lots of money to gain power. They don’t represent their constituents and they certainly don’t treat their constituents like the people who hired them. It’s very much the other way around. If one ever gets an “audience” with one’s legislator, one is either lucky or wealthy.

Elected officials, especially on the national level, were wealthy before they were elected or defeated, they’re wealthy after they've been elected or defeated and they’re still wealthy when they retire. I don’t believe that they even care a whole lot if they win or lose. They see politics as some sort of game and a nasty one at that.

I’ve been told to start small and local and banning the E. C. is not small.

I’ve tried to explain to people that the E. C. has a trickle down affect when they tell me to “start small with local issues” and say that the E. C. is not a small, local issue. If there are four people running for local dog catcher, a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian and a Green, either the Democrat or Republican will most likely win. Why? Because I believe that voters subconsciously figure that the Libertarian and the Green will never have any chance of “playing in the big game”, so why waste a vote on them even at the local level?

Add to that the narrow minded mentality of “red” and “blue” and the fact that we call The Libertarian Party and The Green Party “third” parties, like one might have a “third” eye, and you’ve pretty much conditioned people to vote either Democrat or Republican.

Consequently, the professional politicians have even less of an interest in getting rid of the E. C. In fact, they really do benefit from it.

In working with the organizations to which I belong, I take my lead from them and they’re not really interested in banning the E. C. However, if the E. C. was banned, “third parties” would be a thing of the past or, possibly, the parties that would be “third”, “fourth” or lower would be called Republicans and Democrats.

I’m working very hard to expose The Regime in Washington for what it is. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, unfortunately, is helping with that (I don’t view catastrophes as “opportunities” like The Regime in Washington calls them – 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, etc.).

I truly don’t understand how people can overlook such a simple explanation. I truly can’t understand how people take professional politicians seriously. I truly can’t understand how people get sucked up in the Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservative game. I just don’t understand the lemming mentality.

On this site's home page, there is a link to election reform .org.

I have expressed here my opinion of why the Electoral College is not only outdated, but the major contributor to the one party, two department system of government in the US. At election, you can read facts. There, you can discover how much your vote really counts, or does not count and other well founded information that will, at least, cause you to pause and think about why, and how, we should abolish the Electoral College.

Serious, Mature Feedback Encouraged

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