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10/25/12  Again; and Maybe This Time with Feeling
I'm not writing this because of my heritage, but the Cosa Nostra has nothing on these corporate miscreants.

08/14/12  Preparation for War Should not be Used to Entertain Us
The Socialist Party of the United States of America may fail every bit as much as any other party has failed, but it's time to change the choices and it's time to give Democratically elected Socialists their chance.

06/27/12  False Equivalency? I Think Not
"The NRA says guns don't kill people, people kill people, but I think the gun helps." - Eddie Izzard

06/24/12  How Citizens United Killed the Gettysburg Address
There is a more hideous side to all of the Supreme Court decisions which resulted in the Citizens United v The FEC decision, the 2010 decision that verified that corporations are, indeed, people.

06/01/12  Job for Sale!
Overturn Citizens United and any other previous rulings that led us to this buying of jobs.

05/31/12  Does the Legal Responsibility of Business Outweigh the Ethical Responsibility?
I'm really tired of hearing that government should be run like a business and that CEOs have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to do whatever it takes to turn a profit.

05/25/12  If we Turn Our Backs on god, god (and war) Will be in big Trouble
Americans aren't getting into trouble nor will they get into trouble for turning their backs on "the spirit in the sky". Americans are getting into trouble for turning their backs on America

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