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Epitome of Class Struggle

I worked for a “corporate predator” for 25 years. At the end of that time, they “delayered” me. (Orwell was a genius).

In a recent cost cutting, belt tightening, competitive driven move, a man who once reported to me was “deselected”. (That’s why the word “Orwellian” exists)

This man, a good man who worked hard but injured his back rather seriously, figured that the entire bottle of Oxycontin, along with a chaser of Vicodin, would make him feel, well, no pain. He was 41 years old and had worked for the corporation for over 15 years.

His boss, a predator puppet that made the “deselection” decision, showed up at the man’s funeral. His wife had to be restrained.

And, so, the class struggle continues while The Regime attempts to pawn philanthropy off onto “the private sector”.

To friendship,

“He who multiplies riches multiplies cares.” - Benjamin Franklin

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